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I'm a freelance senior designer and illustrator, based in East London. Over the past 8 years I have worked on a number of projects from social media campaigns, book publications, reports, TV adverts, art directing shoots in the middle of Las Vegas highways, David Bowie campaigns - a whole smorgasbord of design.

I like the Barbican, Brutalist design in general, mid-century design, drawing flowers, entomology, looking at the sea, collecting diaries I only ever use for 4 months, book design, zines about niche topics, the smell of rain on the the pavement, oysters, Guinness, oysters and Guinness together, making things, Irish folklore, 30 Rock, jacket potatoes, orange wine, dogs, watching murmurations.

Recent clients include Adobe, BBC, OKA, London Irish Centre, The Royal Institute of British Architects & The Women's Institute.

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