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Adidas UB21

Presentation Design

The treatment proposal for a documentary film about the new Adidas UB21 running shoe directed by Stephen Agnew and produced by TBWA.


Inspired by the journey from sketch to 3D/CGI and all the changes in-between this treatment echoes the multi-window, screen based digital narrative of the documentary top line. These pitch documents need to clearly set out the intended look and idea so it was crucial that all imagery and design was well thought-out and fully realised. 

Below are selected slides from the presentation made using Google Slides in collaboration with the director in order to clearly present his vision.

Abstract gifs were vital in showing the ‘energy’ in the shoe and how it could be visually demonstrated. Imagery was sourced for all over the web and from previous campaigns and I added in hand drawn elements pulled for certain aspects of their brief to keep it easily recognisable and help the client to visualise the final outcome.

Adidas have strict brand guidelines and I used their brief presentation as a point of reference for language, imagery and type. 

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