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I'm an East London based designer & illustrator with over seven years experience across digital and print design

After graduating from the Arts University Bournemouth I moved back to London and started working in agencies, I then moved into fashion and designed clothes along with art direction, websites and marketing. 

In 2020 I decided there was no time like the present and jumped head first into freelancing in the middle of a global pandemic. Since then I've worked with a bunch of lovely people and brands from OKA, BBC, Adobe, Virgin Atlantic, The WI to name a few. 

I like the Barbican, Brutalist design in general, oysters, Guinness, oysters and Guinness together, mid-century design, drawing flowers, entomology, looking at the sea, collecting diaries I only ever use for 4 months, tattoos, making things, Irish folklore, 30 Rock, heavy music, Ireland, jacket potatoes, orange wine, dogs, black, book design, zines about niche topics, the smell of rain on the the pavement, watching murmurations 

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